Charleston PolyLift

Process and Benefits of PolyLift

Concrete leveling takes a certain amount of skill, and the right materials, to do correctly. CNT Foundations uses an innovative polyurethane foam leveling technology, to fix sinking or tilted concrete slabs. If you’ve noticed that your sidewalk, pool deck, driveway, or other concrete application is sinking or uneven, give us a call. Using this Polylift technology, we can quickly repair your concrete and give you results that last! Unlike traditional mudjacking, which uses a concrete slurry and takes weeks to cure.

Correcting Uneven Concrete

There are many reasons why concrete may sink or tilt, including poor soil quality, moisture changes, and erosion. However, even in tough cases, not all is lost. CNT Foundations offers the best concrete leveling services in Charleston, and we’ve seen the Polylift technique work wonders on sunken slabs across the state. One of our estimators can take a look at your property and tell you if you are eligible for Polylift concrete leveling. 

If you are tired of tripping on your uneven walkway every day, or are concerned about your sinking pool deck, reach out to us at CNT Foundations. We’re proud to offer a wide range of concrete repair options, including this new polyurethane foam leveling technology. We’ll deliver a fast and durable repair, without the need for tearing out and replacing entire concrete slabs. Polylift can save you both time and money, so reach out to learn more about our Charleston concrete leveling today!

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