Bowing Walls


Bowing home and foundation walls are an observable indication of foundation issues. If you observe that any of your walls are bowing in Charleston, you may have other issues in your foundation and your home. As they keep buckling, the walls will crack, enabling water to get into your home and cause serious damage.

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What causes bowing walls? There are a couple of reasons.

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Hydrostatic pressure is a major issue with regards to bowing walls. Water in the ground pushes against your foundation until the point when the weight turns out to be excessive and the foundation walls move and buckle. As the water pressure grows, your foundation will start to crack. An excessive amount of water in the ground is caused by insufficient drainage, often due to:

  • Malfunctioning gutters or drains
  • Expansive Soil
  • Excessive rain
  • A street pipe that has burst


As the seasons change, so does the dirt. In the chilly and wet months, the soil can wind up saturated and put pressure on your foundation. In the warm and dry months, the dirt dries out and shrinks, which causes foundation settlement.

Tree roots will also crawl underground and push against your foundation, causing bowing walls.

Steady deterioration because of age and persistent exposure to these elements will wear out your foundation and cause weak spots that will gradually begin to bow.


Several different problems mean that there can be several different fixes. Our Charleston team is prepared to find the best solutions for your bowing walls. Don’t wait too long before contacting the professionals, or your foundation could suffer extreme harm.

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